Jumpstart proudly stands with the BLM movement. The blatant systemic racism and police brutality towards George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, and countless others including protestors fighting for the BLM movement must come to an end. We’ve seen enough killing by the police, and the police need to be held accountable for their terrible actions. The lack of empathy and ability to see the world in a black person’s shoes is needed now more than ever. Let’s not divert the problem either; discussions surrounding All Lives Matter look more to divert the focus and do not address the deep, systemic discrimination against black people at the heart of the police force across America.


Our vision for Jumpstart is to provide every student from any background the opportunity to learn how to build a startup and to promote team diversity in interest, perspective and passion, so everyone's voices are heard. 


As many other organizations have said, educate yourself, speak with friends and family, take action through petitioning unjust actions, and use your voice. To help take action, Jumpstart will be matching donations up to $150 towards these BLM organizations to push the fight against systemic racism:


  • Black Visions MN

  • Reclaim the Block

  • Minnesota Freedom Fund

  • National Society of Black Engineers

  • Black Girls Code

  • NAACP Legal Defense Fund

  •  North Star Health Collective

  • Any other organizations supporting the BLM movement


Please check out this document for more ways to help: petitions, email templates, cold-calling scripts, and many, many more. 


Please send donation receipts to and we will match the donation.

Love, the Jumpstart Team.